Relatively simple, straightforward consulting cost nothing. Meanwhile we do not offer any fixed price packages and we generally avoid templates. Before we can give you an estimate, we need to understand your individual situation. This generally requires a brief conversation about your project goals, timetable, budget, scope, and other issues. Although we are far from being the most expensive, we are also rarely the least expensive. If you are looking for the lowest cost solution, or quality is not a concern, then Blupoint Group is definitely not a good fit for you. If you are looking for a professional consultant/adviser who does high quality work and inspires trust, please give us a call.

We can help almost any legitimate business or non-profit organization. Many of our business clients fall into one or more of the following three industry groups: Construction and Education, Retail Products, and Agriculture. However, there are specific industries and situations where we may not be the best fit. We will be happy to discuss your situation confidentially, and will immediately let you know whether or not we think we are a good fit for your organization.

As long as the owner is serious and takes a long view, we should be able to help. Transitioning from “working IN the business” to “working ON the business” takes time, typically at least a year, but sometimes even longer. Please take a look at our management consulting page for more information. Or just give us a call.

We can assist with everything from production options, supply chain decisions, packaging decisions, competitor research, go-to-market strategy, as well as management and operations consulting. Please contact us to discuss your situation in confidence.

We are happy to provide client references to serious prospects once we have held initial discussions and have tentatively agreed on the scope and structure of an engagement.

Everything we do is tailored to each client`s individual situation. As long as your budget is reasonable, we can work with it. Our focus is on delivering HIGH VALUE to clients, NOT low prices. Note that we offer business coaching services to startups and early stage businesses.

Once we have determined that there is a good match between your needs and Blupoint Group capabilities, we can send you a mutual non-disclosure agreement. This agreement protects both parties from disclosure of confidential information. And, if you become a client of Blupoint Group, our standard contract provides ample protection that covers most circumstances.

Most of our clients insist on strict confidentiality, so we cannot divulge any information about them beyond their industry and a general description of the type of services we provided them.

YES. We work with non-profit organizations, including province and municipalities. As long as we are a good fit in terms of skills and expertise we are happy to work with any legitimate organization. In fact, several of our largest and most complex engagements have been with non-profit organizations and companies.

YES. We work with clients globally as long as we understand the business and it is not located in a dangerous area we can usually help. Please contact us to discuss your particular situation in confidence.

We never simply jump into implementation work without first gaining a solid understanding of your particular business and goals. Please contact us to discuss your particular situation in confidence.

The amount of work that goes into a high quality plan is extensive. We usually work on a fee-for-service basis, but in exceptional cases will discount our fees in exchange for an equity stake or percent of sales.

Blupoint Group is not a lender or private equity firm, and we do not act as an intermediary in any financial transaction. That said, we can support your search for funding in many useful ways, including market research, preparation of a business plan, development of a business presentation, and preparation and review of supporting documents. In some cases, we can arrange introductions to qualified funding sources. All work of this nature is strictly fee-for-services without guarantee that a deal will be completed. We also work closely with other financial services firms that specialize in business valuations and investor introductions (investment banking services for small businesses).

We are willing to go the extra mile for our clients, but we cannot complete most projects in such a short timeframe. Generally, even “straightforward” business plan, marketing plan, project plan and market research projects take at least 3 to 4 weeks. More involved projects can require several months (or longer) to assure the high level of quality and accuracy that are essential to success.

Possibly. We occasionally work with clients in this situation. You will need to do the “heavy lifting” with the market research (which can be very time consuming), while we limit our role to acting as facilitators and business advisors. This plays to our strengths and keeps your expenses to a minimum. The process typically takes several months, but results in a very strong business plan.

We have found that many inventors just want someone to help them “sell their product” without asking any questions. We do not work that way, since it usually leads to failure. We can help you formulate a sound go-to-market strategy first, then help you commercialize your technology product or service. If you already have a solid go-to-market plan, with real market data and analysis to back it up, we can quickly jump into the execution phase.

We can research the external market and perform due diligence on the business itself. We are very good at finding “where the bones are buried.” Please contact us to discuss in confidence.

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