Retail Business Services
Our Retail Business Services Supply Chain provides all the services that keep those supply chains running, including: supply chain strategy, distribution, transportation, third party contracts, logistics, demand management and ICT equipments. One of our major ICT equipment solutions we offer is the supply and maintenance of industrial printing machines and consumables to private and public companies
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Business Consulting Solutions
Blupoint Group Consulting offers a comprehensive range of advisory and consulting services to private as well as public sector entities. From finding ways to finance growth to understanding how to manage risk and regulation; from identifying opportunities to optimize operations, to getting the best from talent, our global network provides the expert support you need.
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Project Management
We are dedicated to helping businesses streamline their administrative processes. We understand that many companies and organizations get bogged down in the paperwork associated with running their business that they fail to spend the necessary time fulfilling their primary mission. Blupoint Group project managers will partner with your team to alleviate your administrative burdens.
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